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TruNorth Dynamics as Your Trusted Partner for over 20 Years

Ole Gjerde
CEO & Co-Founder

Scott Mahar
Chief Operating Officer

Katie Gjerde
Chief Financial Officer

Megan Mahar
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Ross Boe
Vice President of Operations

Adam Mahar
Director of Project Management

Michelle Serna
Director of ERP Systems

David Thompson
Director of People Operations

Graeme Crouch
Director of Power Platform Consulting

Jody Miller
Manager of Client Success

Michaella Bergamo
Partner Success

Cameron Quillin
Client Success

Amber Bennett
Client Success

Transform Your Business with TruNorth Dynamics and Microsoft Dynamics 365

TruNorth Dynamics, a fully remote company with a nationwide team, leverages the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions to enable businesses to seamlessly transition to the cloud. With our expertise, we deliver operational speed and performance that propels businesses to new heights.

Together, we embark on a collaborative journey to identify your unique business challenges and craft tailor-made solutions using Microsoft Dynamics 365. Once implemented, TruNorth Dynamics ensures that all tools are perfectly aligned with your business requirements, providing unwavering support and comprehensive training for your team. At TruNorth Dynamics, we go beyond offering software solutions; we are dedicated business problem-solvers, committed to helping your business thrive and grow into the future.

At TruNorth Dynamics, we believe that the best solutions come from a genuine understanding of the unique challenges businesses face. We aren’t just tech aficionados; we’re navigators in the vast sea of business processes and digital transformation. Each enterprise has a distinct essence and set of objectives, and our mission is to align our dynamic software solutions with those specific needs.

Beyond the binary code and behind the screens, we’re a team dedicated to the belief that software should be more adaptable to your business than the other way around. Our holistic approach ensures that every strategy we propose, every system we implement, and every solution we offer, not only integrates seamlessly with your operations but also paves the way for genuine growth. Choose TruNorth Dynamics, and let’s set a course for your true north together.

Our Mission

At the heart of TruNorth Dynamics, there’s an unwavering belief that solutions should stem from a deep understanding of the challenges businesses face. But what does this truly mean?

  • Genuine Understanding: Our first step isn’t about code, systems, or even technology. It’s about immersing ourselves in the intricacies of the businesses we work with. Every client has a narrative, a set of hurdles, and aspirations. Our task? To absorb that narrative and mold our approach around it.
  •  Navigators, Not Just Implementers: The tech landscape is vast and often confusing. However, our role goes beyond mere implementation. We act as compass-bearers, helping businesses chart a course in the digital realm. Each solution is a carefully plotted coordinate pointing toward their true north.
  • Adaptable Software Philosophy: The digital tools and systems should cater to a business’s nuances, not the other way around. It’s a paradigm shift from the conventional ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Every business is unique, and our software solutions should mirror that individuality.
  • Holistic Approach: Beyond any software or system lies a broader spectrum of operations, aspirations, and people. Our strategies are never isolated. They’re pieces in a larger puzzle, designed to integrate and elevate every facet of a business. It’s about ensuring every step we take aligns with a company’s broader objectives and culture.
  • Commitment to Growth: We’re not just here to solve today’s problems. Our sight is set on the horizon. With every solution we propose, we’re also laying a foundation for our clients’ future growth and evolution.

 As you step into the world of TruNorth Dynamics, remember our essence. We’re more than a tech company; we’re partners, guides, and collaborators. Each project is a journey, and our mission is to ensure that journey leads our clients to their unique version of success. It’s a mission that requires empathy, foresight, adaptability, and a drive to continually evolve. Welcome aboard! Let’s chart some remarkable courses together.

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