Are you an MSP (Managed Service Providers) looking to grow your services and make more money? Join forces with TruNorth Dynamics, a top provider of Microsoft Dynamics solutions for small to medium businesses. We offer a full range of Dynamics software and services, along with a dedicated Partner Success team to guide you at every step. Our solutions will help your clients work better, get valuable insights, and solve their business problems. This means happier clients, more repeat business, and increased earnings for you.

The TruNorth Dynamics Partner Referral Program began with one goal in mind – to help MSPs provide business solutions to their clients without the headache of becoming experts in yet another business application. By partnering with TruNorth Dynamics, you can set your business apart in a tough market. Let’s team up to achieve success and expansion together.

What We Do

  • Equip you with info, training, and tools to spot Dynamics opportunities for your clients
  • Understand your client’s business to create a tailored Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution
  • Set up and maintain your client’s unique Microsoft Dynamics solution
  • Ease your workload by adding a hassle-free cloud solution to your services lineup, no extra hassle for you or your team!

What MSPs Do

  • Stick to your strengths – let us handle being Microsoft Dynamics experts!
  • Grow the services you provide to clients
  • Send clients who need Microsoft Dynamics solutions to TruNorth Dynamics

Benefits for MSPs

  • It’s free for you!
  • Get a monthly share of revenue from your referred clients’ total monthly billing
  • Hold the required Microsoft Dynamics licenses for your client and earn monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
  • Be assured of having a Microsoft Dynamics partner fully dedicated to providing business applications to your clients.

Explore a partnership with us! Reach out to speak to one of our Partner Success Managers and start the conversation today! Email partnersuccess@trunorthdynamics.com