March 2022 Newsletter


It’s hard to believe we’re already closing out Q1 of what has been a fantastic start to 2022.

First, we want to thank all our MSP partners that have contributed to TruNorth Dynamics’ success over the past year. The soft launch of our Partner referral program received a great response and has evolved to over 40+ active partners. The ability for partners to provide Microsoft Dynamics cloud solutions to their customers has helped deepen relationships with their clients by becoming more involved in strategic aspects of the organization. Aligning with our partner-focused model, earlier this month, we officially announced the launch of Trunorth Dynamics, LLC and our mission to deliver Dynamics solutions on behalf of our MSP partners.

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XChange in Dallas, TX

The new year has also welcomed the return of in-person conferences. It was a pleasure to participate in The Channel Company’s first XChange conference of the year, held in February 2022 in Dallas, TX.

The opening keynote set the tone for Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, best known for his extraordinary leadership in coordinating relief efforts in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. His message emphasized the importance of leading from the front, being decisive, and the ability to listen and accept criticism in an age that requires leaders to take risks to achieve success. His message was powerful and resonated with an IT crowd familiar with driving innovation and change.

Some of the key themes of the conference focused on strategic initiatives MSPs can take to drive profits, achieve more predictable revenue streams, and increase professional services revenue. In addition, challenges of navigating the global changes affecting the workforce, the “Great Resignation,” and security were also top of mind.

To execute these initiatives’ organizations need outstanding leadership, just as Lt. Gen. Honoré explained, but they also need robust business tools that can:

Unify data across all business functions to make better decisions and provide excellent service
Leverage data to build specific applications specific to your business processes
Empower employees wherever they work, securely and in real-time
Automate repetitive tasks so teams can focus on value-added tasks

March 2022 Newsletter

Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Microsoft Dynamics platform is a comprehensive solution that connects your entire business seamlessly while allowing the flexibility and agility to grow and adapt to changing environments. Integrating Office 365 and Microsoft Teams further enhances the value proposition, making it easy for users to adopt new tools.

Whether MSPs are looking to improve their business processes internally, build their own Dynamics practice, or partner with a Dynamics firm to deliver solutions to their clients, D365 provides the tools to make it happen. At Trunorth, it’s our passion to help you explore the path that best suits your objectives. If you have questions on how we can help, schedule a quick call by clicking the link below.

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We thoroughly enjoyed the connections we made and the conversations held at XChange Spring, and we are excited about returning for the Fall event in Denver. It has been an exciting start to 2022, and we look forward to an equally exciting Spring. Thank you for supporting Trunorth Dynamics.


Ole Gjerde, President

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