updated 5/6/2022

On October 1, 2022, Microsoft will release changes to email security for Office 365.

On October 1, 2022, Microsoft will release changes to email security for Office 365. This security change will prevent your organization’s Microsoft Dynamics GP from using email and workflow functionality within your system. If your system is not on the most current version of Microsoft Dynamics GP – 18.4, you can expect significant email outages.

Microsoft is making specific permanent security improvements that will prevent emails from Dynamics GP and related components, including Microsoft SQL Server, from being transmitted via Office 365 in certain instances.

These are affecting clients with the following:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) 18.3
  • GP 18.2
  • GP 18.1
  • GP 2018
  • GP 2016
  • GP 2015
  • GP 2013
  • GP 2010

Before October 1, 2022, customers on older versions of Dynamics GP are likely to experience email outages. During the next few months, Microsoft may temporarily disable basic authentication on a client’s Office 365 to provide you with a notification that this change is coming in the year. At TruNorth Dynamics, your Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, we should be able to assist you with a few workarounds available only until the October deadline.

Support for Multifactor Authentication (MFA) was added to Dynamics GP version 18.3 and enhanced in the latest release of Dynamics GP – version 18.4. It is a best practice to be on the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP, and this looming outage is a great reason why your business needs to upgrade.

When Basic Authentication is deprecated (October 1, 2022), your organization will need to be on a version of Dynamics GP where you can use Modern Authentication.

At TruNorth Dynamics, we are seeing increased cases where emails are beginning to fail from within Dynamics GP. This failure is especially true for older versions of GP (18.2 and older) that do not have Modern Authentication for Dynamics GP. As a result, the Microsoft Exchange team is temporarily disabling Basic Authentication to remind us that a more considerable change is coming.

The primary source of concern is Dynamics GP not being able to send emails via Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook) due to an update in the security parameters for Microsoft365 / Office 365 (Cloud email) and Exchange Online, which is phasing out SSL 2.0, TLS 1.0, and TLS 1.1 in favor of the newer and more secure TLS 1.2.

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Options to restore the proper functioning of email via Dynamics GP

  1. An Upgrade to Dynamics GP 18.4 (GP 2022) will resolve the security issue and thus allow Dynamics GP to send emails through Office 365.
  2. Supercharge your growing business to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive solution that helps SMBs connect their financials, sales, services, and operations to streamline and secure business processes, improve customer interactions, and make better decisions.

How can I check my current version of Microsoft Dynamics GP?

To find out what version of Microsoft Dynamics GP you’re using, follow these guidelines or ask your Microsoft Dynamics Partner for help.
Option 1:
Take note of the version number in the bottom left corner of your Dynamics GP login screen.

Option 2:
In Dynamics GP, go to the help menu (the blue question mark icon in the top right corner) and select “About Microsoft Dynamics GP” from the dropdown menu. The top of the second column of the pop-up window will display your version number.

Why is Microsoft making these email security changes?

Microsoft has millions of customers who utilize Modern Authentication but have Basic Authentication enabled in their tenants because many of them are unaware that Basic is enabled and its threats; Microsoft will assist them in securing their data by turning it off.

If you use Office 365 for your email, Microsoft may stop ‘basic authentication on your machine for a short period (less than one day) in the coming months. Exchange in the cloud is another name for this.

The purpose of this temporary mail system outage is to offer notice that a change is coming on October 1, 2022, so that all clients are informed in advance and can take action to prepare.

See Microsoft’s announcement

Looming Direct Email Outage from Dynamics GP with Office 365 Outlook
Opt into the Exchange Online endpoint for legacy TLS clients using SMTP AUTH


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