This release comes with some wonderful new features around managing inventory more effectively.

In previous versions of Business Central, users were unable to block the use of item variants, leaving those variants to be used when they shouldn’t be. In the newest release in October 2023, item variants can now be blocked in three ways. Blocked for use in posting any transactions, blocked for posting on Sales transactions, or blocked for posting Purchase transactions.

Item barcoding and labeling items just got a lot easier in Business Central! Item References can now be set to define your item’s barcodes. Quickly print labels for your items from the Item Reference page to access barcodes and QR codes.

Several processes have been improved upon to aid in your inventory counts. Physical inventory order has received several new features:

Include items without transactions when calculating physical inventory order lines

Item references in physical inventory documents and “Allow Recording without Order” have been added for additional visibility as well as ad-hoc counting of items.

Allow/Disallow Item Adjustments on the Item List page and Item Cards

This feature enables the removal of allowing adjustments on the Item List page and Item Cards by navigating to the Inventory Setup and toggling off “Allow inventory Adjustment.”

Edit in Excel for Item Journals and Warehouse Worksheets

No users can process Item Journals and Warehouse Worksheets more quickly with Edit in Excel!

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