Microsoft has heard our pleas! More fields have been made available when you customize your user experience through personalization. Fields will be organized under “Recommended Fields” and “Advanced” fields to help you navigate around the increased number of fields available to add to your pages.

Furthermore, the way the user interface interacts as fields are placed has clarified the location of where fields will be placed when moving them around.

Users can now move fields across different sections to easily place the values where the user wants it to be located.

Users can even mark fields as read only while in Personalization mode!

In addition to improvements to personalization, Microsoft has also made searching for data and drilling into Master Record much easier!

Users now have the ability to search company data for Master Records. In the Tell Me navigation box, users can now search for records like posted invoices or master records like customers.

Drilling into related records is now more efficient as well. One of our favorites is drilling into the item card from a sales line with only one click!

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