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ClickLearn captures complicated work processes in popular business software. With just a click, you can produce multi-format learning materials, in any language, and publish them to a 24/7 learning portal

  • Produce seven learning formats from a single recording
  • Auto-translate  into more than 45 languages
  • Turn any process into an on-screen live assistant
  • Use Automated Replay for system upgrades
  • Collect feedback, view ratings, and track use with Learning Analytics.
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The ClickLearn application is capable of a lot more than creating,
maintaining, and deploying your valuable documentation.

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Whitepaper: Six Lessons
for Training a Workforce

When it comes time to implement a new Microsoft Dynamics
365 solution or upgrade an existing deployment, many
organizations get the process wrong. In increasingly digitally
transformed industries around the world, the insights afforded
by a CRM or ERP system are often the difference between
business success and failure in the market. Yet, depending
on the study, as many as half of ERP and CRM projects are
considered less than successful in terms of cost, disruption, or
project duration.

Subscription License Explained

The ClickLearn subscription model is designed to be very flexible
for any training demand, based on four parameters.

  • Platforms – which apps do you need training on?
  • Authors – Who will be authoring training materials?
  • End-users – How many people will be using the training?
  • Features – Which features does your company need?
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