7 Steps to Quickly Integrate Dynamics 365 and Teams

Today’s business groups frequently communicate across divisions when working on a marketing campaign, pursuing a sales opportunity, or resolving a customer issue. At no additional cost, the Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams interface helps you speed up the flow of work by allowing anybody in your organization to access and collaborate on Dynamics 365 records from within the flow of work with Teams.

You may invite anyone in the business to view and collaborate on customer records immediately within a Teams conversation or channel using the Teams integration. You may also make and receive calls from within Dynamics 365, allowing you to complete tasks more quickly. For example, you can share information about the sales opportunity, client history, and more as a seller. As a customer care agent, you can share the client case record, troubleshooting methods, and follow-up activities.

Teams can be integrated with Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Field Service, Dynamics 365 Marketing, and Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation. To learn more about these solutions visit our solutions page.

Step 1

To insert Business Central information into your chat within Microsoft Teams, select the D365 Business Central Icon below the message bar.

Step 2

After clicking on the D365 Business Central Icon, a new window will appear where you can search for your contact. Type the name of the person you would like to share data with in the field.

Step 3

Select the appropriate Contact Card to insert the card information into your Microsoft Teams chat.


You can also select the contact information by typing “@BusinessCentral” into the upper search bar, then the contact information.

Step 4

Once the Contact Card is visible, You can now click the “Details” button on the contact card to open a new window with the contact details inside Teams.

Step 5

You can navigate various records from this card without going into Business Central.
For example, I can Navigate to my Customer Card for Ziggy.

Step 6

Then, I could review and edit information, view statistics, or even start a new transaction from this customer card.

Step 7

After beginning my new Sales Invoice, I can enter my line items, submit my invoice for review and even post the transaction – all without leaving Teams!

Bonus Tip

Additionally, you can view Vendor information, create purchase orders, and even view inventory details!

Microsoft Teams + Dynamics 365

Data-Driven Decisions

Seamless integrations with Microsoft Teams and D365 empower your teams to collaborate, driving better business processes effortlessly and exchanging information and knowledge to drive swifter business decisions and actions. Learn how we are integrating Microsoft Teams into marketing, sales, customer service, field service, and commerce solutions to significantly up-level the user experience and drive stronger engagement across your organizations and beyond to external stakeholders.

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Dynamics 365 and Teams integration is built around four pillars

  1. Collaborate seamlessly: Invite anyone in your organization to view and contribute to Dynamics 365 customer records within the flow of a Teams chat or channel.
  2. Accelerate productivity: Connect conversations across the organization. Meet, chat, call, and collaborate in Dynamics 365.
  3. Enhance engagement: Bring related conversations together with real-time contextual and suggested chats, and capture customer sentiment to stay in tune with their needs.
  4. Integrate experiences: Increase audience engagement during and after events across multiple channels with engaging content and recommendations.

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